IT Made Simpler

Like your home, your business relies on everyday utilities including water, gas and hydro to function efficiently. But within your business, there's another 'utility' that may go unnoticed: IT Support Services.

Sentia's IT Support Services for the Small Business offer a reliable, responsive, and highly-skilled team of IT professionals through an affordable monthly subscription-based model.

Why Do I Need This?

You're a small company and want your full focus to be on growing your business, not having to look after your IT requirements. That's where we come in. For less than the cost of a typical 9-5 employee, Sentia can give you 24/7 support of your workstations, server and IT infrastructure.

We are a team of seasoned industry professionals with enterprise level skills for those projects that go beyond the scope of your resources. 

We offer flexible packages to meet the unique needs of your business. Here is a brief overview of what you can get.

What Sentia Will Offer You

Remote Management and Monitoring
We'll monitor the performance of your business' IT systems, from workstation and servers to firewalls and printers, responding to any issues that may arise - quickly and efficiently.

Resource Reporting and Trends Analysis
We monitor your workstation and server resources, report monthly on its utilization, and use this data and other factors to gage when and if a device upgrade is warranted.  

Managed End-point Security
Have confidence that your business is well-protected from external threats. Enjoy low-cost, managed anti-virus services and file backup solutions.

Remote and Onsite Support
Our support services team are available to answer any questions or concerns you have. We offer a 60 minute guaranteed SLA. We'll monitor your systems 24/7. If a server goes down in the middle of the night, we are on it.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
In the event of an unexpected disruption to regular business operations, we'll ensure your IT systems are in good standing and sustainable.
Patch Management
Know your systems are well taken care of with regular firmware updates, security patches, and the latest software version.

Until June 30 2019, enjoy two free months of service upon the signing of a 12-month contract.*

*Some Conditions Apply. Contact us for more details.

Sentia is an expert advisor providing design and deployment of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. Along with comprehensive, battle-tested experience and cutting-edge technology, we bring a passion for partnering. Our goal is to build high-value systems and services to meet the complex requirements of your business, today and tomorrow.

Why Outsource Your

IT Support Services

  • Cost - Save on the costs of adding an employee and have a team of experienced professionals keep your systems running efficiently. 

  • Focus - IT isn't your focus, but it is ours. Spend your time and energy on what makes your business successful.

  • Access - We're not a one-person shop. We are a team of dedicated, seasoned, industry professionals capable of handling not only the day to day administration of your IT needs, but a team of industry experts for those bigger projects when they come along.

  • 24/7 Services - Protection of up to four petabytes of user data per instance and provides policy-based multi-site replication and flexible restore capabilities.