Industry leading IBM V5030 Storage Bundles at over 65 - 75% Off List

IBM StorWise V5030

Storing, managing and protecting data – while keeping costs contained – is a key challenge for any IT department.

Sentia’s 2017 Storage Bundles are here to help!

Based on IBM’s Storwize V5030 storage subsystem, these bundles include hardware, software, three year HW and SW support and Sentia’s Smoothstart implementation services.

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Whether you need screaming performance, a huge data capacity or something in the middle, we have a storage bundle for you. Choose between the following bundles:

  • High Performance All Flash - $52K for 30TB Effective Capacity
  • High Performance Hybrid SSD/SAS - $53K for 52TB Effective Capacity
  • Mid-Performance SAS - $42K for 40TB Effective Capacity
  • High Capacity NL-SAS - $28K for 65TB Effective Capacity

But Only Until December 15th 2017!


A tremendous value with exceptional performance and low total cost of ownership. Get in touch with us today to take advantage of great value and great savings.

Visit IBM's dedicated page on the entire V5000 Portfolio and what it can do for your business.

Sentia is an expert advisor providing design and deployment of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. Along with comprehensive, battle-tested experience and cutting-edge technology, we bring a passion for partnering. Our goal is to build high-value systems and services to meet the complex requirements of your business, today and tomorrow.

*Based on IBM account approval

Sentia’s Turnkey Storage Bundles include:

  • V5030 system with a variety of spinning disk and Flash options
  • Three year 7/24 onsite hardware warranty and software support
  • Software capabilities to provide full virtualization, thin provisioning, easytiering, compression, flashcopy, remote copy, and more
  • Hassle free installation with a   two day Sentia Smoothstart service
  • Effective capacity including guaranteed 2:1 data compression