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- J.Freeman,
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Sentia’s Cloud Services help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk at an affordable and predictable price point through the deployment of cloud solutions. Whether you are considering a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or a Hybrid, we can help you assess and determine what is best for your environment.

Sentia also offers an alternative approach to the procurement and management of your IT assets through a variety of hosting and cloud offerings all centralized in our Tier III Data Center in Ontario, Canada.

Managed Hosted Infrastructure

Whether it’s a single rack-mount server or multiple virtual machines in our VM farm, Sentia’s Managed Hosted Infrastructure service provides you with a reliable, scalable and robust server environment for all your application needs.

Our team of trained professionals will proactively and reactively manage your servers, freeing you to focus on your business.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Sentia’s hosted virtual desktops are centrally managed, server-based desktops that run in Sentia’s Hosting Center. These hosted virtual desktops eliminate the complex infrastructure and licensing requirements of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) while delivering true cloud mobility. Sentia’s Desktops as a Service (DaaS) provide all the benefits of VDI without the investment in infrastructure and management. Our hosted virtual desktops may be accessed from the LAN or WAN, and are available from desktops, laptops, Macs, netbooks, thin clients, iPads, android tablets, iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile devices.

Hosted virtual desktops require no capital investment and are fully scalable, with the ability to add new desktops at an incremental hosted desktop cost.

Hosted Disaster Recovery

From power outages to natural disasters, disruptions to your production environment can be costly and detrimental to your business. Without the right expertise, safeguarding key business data, maintaining employee productivity and reducing the financial losses that result from these outages can be an ongoing challenge.

In the event of an unplanned disruption, you need a time-tested, cost-effective and efficient business continuity and IT disaster recovery solution that helps you respond with speed and agility while minimizing exposure during downtime.

Sentia’s Disaster Recovery Service offers a comprehensive portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help ensure your critical systems, data and business applications are available within predetermined time frames. We offer you flexible infrastructure environments—both shared and dedicated—to help you rapidly and cost-effectively respond to a disruption. Our recovery specialists design a customized, business continuity solution for you that helps protect your critical data and minimize loss, while enabling you to maintain continuous operations during an outage.

Cloud Backup

With exploding data growth and increasing regulatory requirements, you want to protect your data and applications and lower your total cost of ownership. You need a solution that helps you quickly back up, restore and maintain access to critical data.

Sentia’s Cloud Backup service provides a highly secure, robust data protection solution for your corporate data. Our cloud-based data backup will help you reduce risk and lower your total cost of ownership.

Cloud Replication

Outages and data loss are not options in today's advanced technology infrastructure and application environments. As IT and business processes converge, the need for fast, reliable and secure recovery increases. To minimize the impact of business disruption and improve your recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), your complex IT environment requires state-of-the-art data replication and recovery solutions. Your existing tape-based data backup solutions may fall short when it comes to business continuity, operational efficiency, security and compliance.

Our Off-Site Replication Services will replicate your data to Sentia’s dedicated recovery Center, safeguarding your critical information and improving your RTOs and RPOs. Our customized, vendor-neutral recovery solution combines hardware, software and services that can help protect your data with built-in encryption and storage formats, and support data availability for operational restore, disaster recovery and business resumption. And by supporting the availability of your current and historical data, we enable you to better manage data-centric regulatory compliance requirements. 

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