"The implementation with Sentia went superbly well. In fact, it was seamless to our users, which is the best thing to have happen. They didn’t even know it was occurring."

- Ron Service,
Director MIS,
COM Dev International Ltd.

Data protection is much more than simple data backups

It's ensuring that your data is accessible at a moment's notice, on-site and off-site. It's ensuring that your data remains intact and uncompromised in the event of any sort of unforeseen disaster, to avoid any negative impact on your business. It's ensuring that your systems are in sync with the current regulatory and compliance requirements of your industry. For today's IT professionals, that means keeping up with data protection can be a huge ongoing challenge.

Consider the following

  • Data is growing rapidly (often by 40 to 60 per cent annually), causing huge strains on existing backup and restore processes.
  • Most of the growth in data is “unstructured” (photos, videos and files rather than more structured traditional databases and e-mail), adding complexity to the backup-restore process.
  • Data needs to be available 24/7 due to business needs and increased web and mobile access by users.
  • The need to keep up with computer and privacy-related compliance requirements is continuing to grow at an equally rapid rate.

It's easy to see why an IT manager's role can feel overwhelming.

How Sentia can help

Sentia offers services, software and hardware to assess, design, implement, manage and host (if necessary) a comprehensive data protection environment customized to your business. Our use of industry best practices and our knowledge of new and emerging technologies enable us to create cost-effective, easy-to-administer data protection solutions.

We focus on more than simple backup and recovery of your data. In addition to providing our clients with the ability to quickly recover and restore lost or missing data due to any occurrence, our solutions can improve data availability, and incorporate off-site data replication, business continuity and disaster recovery.

We offer:

  • Sentia Data Protection Assessments and Healthchecks
  • Software – backup/restore, archive and replication software from leading software vendors
  • Hardware – backup servers, disk subsystems, physical and virtual tape libraries from leading manufacturers
  • Sentia Services to design, install and  implement and provide skills transfer and managed services
  • Cloud Backup to Sentia – Sentia offers a secure hosted and managed remote backup to the Sentia Data Center in Richmond Hill

Flexible solutions based on your needs

Your data protection solution will be unique to your organizational needs (both current and anticipated), your compliance requirements, your corporate data policies, and your overall IT strategy and support team. Sentia can implement solutions:

  • At the customer location, managed by the customer
  • At the customer location, managed by Sentia
  • At Sentia (Cloud backup), managed by Sentia
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