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Cloud Solutions we offer:


Microsoft Cloud

What workloads should you migrate to the cloud and what should you keep on-prem? Which cloud model should you choose? It’s different for every business. As a Microsoft Azure partner, Sentia’s cloud migration practice provides end-to-end services to assess your existing workloads, along with corresponding risk and opportunity factors to help you get the most out of your investment. Microsoft Azure cloud services are integral to businesses looking to leverage the power of cloud computing for scalability, flexibility and innovation. 


Cloud Object Storage Solutions

What can infinite, affordable data do for your business? Keep long-term TCO down and performance high. Talk to Sentia about our low cost, high performance, fully-managed secure cloud object storage solution. No charge for egress or API requests, no complex storage tiers, and no extra charge for support. Talk to Sentia about how you can continue to manage your growing data as optimally and efficiently as possible. Learn more.


Cloud Surveillance Storage Solutions

Sentia is transforming cloud storage for the video surveillance industry with the most affordable and highest-performing storage solution. The proliferation of high-resolution cameras and regulation increasing retention periods are driving the need for large storage capacities. At Sentia, we strive to meet the stringent security and compliance requirements and to safeguard the integrity and privacy of customer data. To learn more about hot and cold storage management for your video surveillance needs, contact us today. 


IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers a full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments. It is recognized as a niche player in 2022 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. IBM Cloud is optimized for industries that are the most regulated, such as: Government, Financial Services and Healthcare. Resiliency, security, compliance, performance, and total cost of ownership distinguish IBM from other hyerscalers.


Cloud NAS Storage Solutions

Managing data storage growth is a challenge that almost every organization faces. That’s because there is significant cost management associated with on-premises storage. Organizations frequently acquire more storage capacity than they need resulting in overpaying and overprovisioning. The entire process of installing, maintaining, cooling, and eventually decommissioning the on-premises storage is costly and time-consuming. Sentia Cloud NAS alleviates that. Using our hybrid cloud file storage solution, organizations can keep the storage features that their on-premises cloud storage offers without ever running out of capacity. Talk to us to learn about how this solution can help you better manage your storage needs.


Managed Cloud Backup

Businesses are adopting more efficient data and application backups that allow for fast recovery. Tape-based backup is still an option for archival storage, but can have security and compliance limitations. Purchasing, maintaining and staffing an in-house backup solution can be costly and resource-intensive. A well-designed cloud backup solution delivers robust and affordable data protection and peace of mind. Sentia’s Cloud Replication Services include a customized, vendor-neutral combination of hardware, software and services to support data availability for operational restore, disaster recovery and business resumption. Contact Sentia to learn more.


SaaS Protection for Email

Creating a robust data protection strategy for email backup is crucial business using cloud-based applications like Microsoft 365 or G-Suite. As companies increasingly move data into the cloud, there is a preconceived notion that there is no need for traditional backups since cloud-based applications are generally always available, accessible, and highly redundant. The reality, however, is that data stored in the cloud is just as vulnerable to corruption and loss as data stored on premises. User error, additional fees from external vendors can result in higher costs and data loss. To prevent your data from getting comprised, adopting a SaaS protection stratefy is highly recommended. Contact us to learn more.


Disaster Recovery

From power outages to natural disasters, disruptions to your IT environment can be costly and detrimental.
Sentia’s Disaster Recovery Services come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From disaster recovery planning, business continuity consulting to infrastructure solutions that keep your business up and running, Sentia can help. Contact us to get started.


  • For any of the solutions outlined above or anything beyond that your business is in need of, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to get a discussion started on how we can help make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.


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