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Managed IT

Is unreliable technology slowing your business down?

Our comprehensive managed services act as a shield for your critical business areas, ensuring they run smoothly and securely. From remote monitoring and management to network and cybersecurity, our expertise keeps your data safe from ever-evolving threats. Plus, we can help you plan and implement hardware refreshes, keeping your technology up-to-date and efficient. Let us take care of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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AI Solutions

Unlock the Power of AI for Business Growth

From Everyday AI to Game-Changing AI
Whether using AI to enhance productivity internally or across your customer base, supply chain, and product development, we can help kickstart your journey.

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Network and Security

Simplified, optimized protection without breaking the bank.

The need to safeguard your business’ network has never been more important. The management, security and monitoring of your network along with increased compliance requirements only add to the complexity. Our network and security practice has the experience and expertise to consultatively assess, design, and manage your network across a broad spectrum of solutions,

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Hybrid Cloud

Experience the best of both worlds.

In a cloud-centric world, we are committed to helping businesses evolve their IT architecture to meet the changing demands of the industry. To meet these and other critical business objectives, consider a hybrid approach to your IT. We'll help you leverage the latest technology in an intelligent, smarter way.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Smarter Security Decisions with Seamless Threat Intelligence

In today's digital world, where everything from financial records to customer data resides online, protecting your organization is paramount. This is where cybersecurity and cyber resilience come in – two powerful tools that work together to safeguard your business. From enterprise network security to managed security and compliance consulting, we ensure your data is safe from external threats.

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FinTech Solutions

Offer the financial services your customers need.

FINTECH support is essential for an inclusive, efficient, and technologically advanced financial ecosystem. Its impact extends beyond banking, influencing insurance, investment, and payment systems worldwide. Navigating this environment can be an arduous task.

Our FINTECH experts can help assess, design, implement or operationalize your financial services solution best suited to your customers, regulators and organization’s requirements.

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Microsoft Solutions

Empower your workforce to do more with less. 

In today’s digitally-driven world, adapting to the rapid pace of technology is more important than ever. Streamline your business and empower your workforce with modern workspace solutions from Microsoft. 

From Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud, Copilot, Defender and much more, catapult your business into the future with modernized technology. Our Microsoft experts can help assess, design and implement a Microsoft solution that is customized to your business needs. 

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Business Continuity & DR

Optimized Solutions to Protect the Integrity of Your Data

Your data is like water: essential, ever-flowing, and in constant need of  safekeeping. Modern business continuity solutions offer a lifeline,  protecting, optimizing, and securing your information. This empowers you  to not just survive, but thrive, by unlocking insights and maintaining a  competitive edge.

Let's discuss how we can ensure your data is always  working for you.

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At Sentia, our professionals are defined by their passion for technology with more than 150 technical certifications and counting to reflect this. Furthermore, our “can-do” attitude and strong dedication to customer satisfaction is what we stand by. Find out more about our expertise in these IT Infrastructure Solutions and IT Services

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Our strong technology partnerships amplify our ability to deliver high value solutions in the areas of advanced virtualization, business continuity, network and security, and tradtional managed infrastructure services. The solutions we deliver to you are built on the latest technology from leading vendors. Our Proof-of-Technology Lab lets you visualize the full potential of solutions without undertaking a full implementation. 

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A successfully deployed technology solution is just part of what Sentia delivers. From initial consultation to deployment, we go the extra mile to deliver a highly positive experience and make sure you receive the maximum value from working with us. Our goal is to establish a strong and lasting relationship as your trusted technology advisor. Learn more about our Professional Services.

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