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    Support for POWER6 and POWER7 servers ends on September 30th 2019.
    Don't let get left behind. Upgrade through Sentia today

  • Let Sentia be the IT Pit Crew for Your Small Business

    We'll take care of all your IT needs, while you can comfortably focus on growing your business.

  • Shifting Toward Enterprise AI

    Move beyond the hype and experience the power of AI
    with short-term test drives available through Sentia.

  • Client Devices in the Enterprise - The Possibilities Are Endless

    What devices work best to enable productivity while maintaining data and network security?

  • Threat Intelligence Made Easy

    Cyber security is at the top of organizational priorities and continues to keep business leaders up at night.

  • TransForm SSO future-proofs backup infrastructure

    Healthcare technology firm remedies aging backup system with technology refresh and expert advice from Sentia.

IT Solution Provider  / Toronto

Cloud Solutions

Is your current IT infrastructure straining to support the needs of your business? If so, moving to the cloud can be a cost-effective way to achieve high reliability, scalability and security.

Sentia can help you determine the best private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution for your business.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Industry trends such as aligning IT with corporate strategies, stretching your IT budget, making better use of your IT resources, and acting quickly on changing market and customer demands can be overwhelming for many businesses to keep up with.

To meet these and other critical business objectives, you need to leverage the latest technology in an intelligent and smarter way. 

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Small Business Solutions

Like your home, your business relies on everyday utilities including water, gas and hydro to function efficiently. But within your business, there's another 'utility' that may go unnoticed: IT Support Services.

Sentia's IT Support Services for the Small Business offer a reliable, responsive, and highly-skilled team of IT professionals through an affordable monthly subscription-based model.

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The Benefits and Features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

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SD-WAN is a Game Changer. But is it right for your business?

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Enterprise Security: Risks, Rewards, and New Regulations

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