Flexible, customizable IT support
to meet the unique needs of your business

Worry-free IT services with a 30-day acceptance period on all contracts.


Data Center Infrastructure

Assess, manage, monitor, repeat. 

Even if your business doesn’t operate 24/7, chances are your data centre does. You could leave data centre infrastructure management to your IT staff, or you could consider outsourcing to an expert like Sentia.

Our approach includes:

  • Data centre design, optimization, capacity, availability, upgrade, and consolidation planning
  • Problem isolation and remediation via remote management
  • KPIs for proactive capacity and performance planning, and tools for predictive or proactive event management through remote monitoring
Backup & Recovery

Proactively protecting your business.

Without rigorous backup and recovery practices in place, organizational data and applications can be lost forever – causing disrupted productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue.

Sentia’s managed backup and recovery services include:


  • Backup and recovery and disaster recovery planning and design, and availability optimization 
  • Cloud backup & recovery services and cloud backup & readiness assessments 
  • Out-tasking and support for backup & recovery and disaster recovery 
  • In-depth reporting
Support for the Small Business

Simplifying IT for the Small Business

Do you run a small business and in need of a trusted, reliable, IT service provider to look after all of your IT needs while you can concentrate on your business? Look no further than Sentia. 

Sentia's IT support services deliver a reliable, responsive and highly-skilled team of IT professionals in the form of an affordable, monthly operational expenditure. 

Our support services include:

  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Weekly/Monthly Patch Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Monthly Resource Reporting

Optional services include:

  • Cloud Backup and DraaS
  • Microsoft/Office 365 with Backup Protection
Network & Security

Security, compliance and peace of mind. 

Network security has never been more important. Safeguard your business while saving time, resources and money by leveraging Sentia’s fully managed solution with built in security.

We provide:

  • Consulting and design services for mobility and BYOD, data centre, enterprise, security, disaster recovery architecture, and backup & recovery 
  • Incident escalation and remediation, forensics, traffic re-routing, failover-failback, and data migration
  • Capacity planning, automatic resource providing and scaling
  • Security reports (events, traffic, users, posture, compliance)
Patch Management

Ensure your systems are running securely and smoothly - at all times. 

Patch management is something that business owners should consider including in their data protection strategy, if they aren’t already. Sentia's patch management services will ensure that your systems are running smoothly at all times. 

Failure to effectively manage the patching of systems can also lead to:

  • Failure to have supported systems 
  • Inability to keep up with regulatory standards
  • Failure to upgrade the existing software and applications to improve the system security 
  • Inability to protect systems from malware, DDoS attacks and hacktivism 

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What are your IT Challenges

Roll over your challenge to see how Sentia can help your company.




    A shrinking IT budget is limiting your business' capital investment in the infrastructure required to support new applications.


    We offer cost-effective Managed Solutions for all your infrastructure needs. Consider leveraging our 7x24 National Operations Center to provide reporting, management, support and operational support across your network infrastructures.



    Your small IT department is too busy responding to ongoing maintenance and user issues to invest the time in training or development to support new technologies.


    Our IT experts can provide specialized expertise and ongoing management of selected aspects of your IT function, whether it's creating a bring your own device (BYOD) solution or migrating some applications to a cloud environment. You'll benefit from access to specialized technical expertise without having to hire a dedicated resource.



    Day-to-day IT demands leave little or no time for developing policies and integrated approaches to address your business' changing technology requirements.


    We can assess your current environment and help you create a strategy for meeting short-term and long-term IT needs based on your business and industry environment, including ongoing management of some or all aspects of your IT assets




    You need to scale up your IT team for a large project, IT migration, or systems rollout while maintaining your current level of IT support for day-to-day operations.


    We can assess your current environment and help you create a strategy for meeting short-term and long-term IT needs based on your business and industry environment, including ongoing management of some or all aspects of your IT assets.




    Some of your IT functions require round-the-clock support, while others need specific expertise on a less frequent basis.


    We can provide tiered support based on your infrastructure demands, which may mean 7x24 support for mission-critical systems and 5x10 support for other systems. Our value-based solutions typically cost a fraction of the investment involved in hiring in-house resources.



    You want to build an in-house IT support Center and aren't sure where to start.


    We provide on-site consulting services with IT architects who've worked in IT environments of all sizes. We will help you design, optimize and plan your in-house support Center to meet your current and future needs. 




    You are lacking a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap to help ensure you are on track with respect to your business & IT needs.


    We provide IT advisory services and we have helped companies develop IT Strategies & Roadmaps.  We will help you by assessing your current IT posture and we will develop an IT strategy and roadmap to suite your unique business  requirements.




    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic you find you no longer have the IT resource necessary to manage your day-to-day IT operations.  Your remaining resources are lacking certain skills required to support your IT operations.


    We provide flexible, customized Professional and Managed Services that can help fill in any gaps.  We can work with you and your team to identify where our broad expertise can be of value.




    Based upon today’s Cyber threat landscape, you are lacking confidence in your organization's current security posture.


    We offer a comprehensive autonomous breach protection service backed by 24/7 managed detection & response services.  We can help improve your security posture quickly & affordably with our breach protection platform.

Take control of your IT services.

“We now have a highly secure managed infrastructure
that supports our growth and gives us
investment protection for years to come..”

- Sergio Gomez, Director of IT, Roots

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