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Whenever, wherever you need it.

A common trend challenging most organizations these days is the need to do more with less.  Companies are facing cutbacks and are being impacted by financial constraints brought on by a volatile economy and global supply chain shortages. 

Are your limited IT resources stretched too thin?
Are you finding it difficult to progress new initiatives?
Could you and your IT team benefit from Sentia’s On-Demand IT support services?

Our on-demand support services model is a flexible way to offer clients supplementary on-demand IT support services for a pre-determined hourly rate with no minimum commitment and a service level objective (SLO).

Why consider On-Demand Support Services?

  • Save time and money on recruiting, hiring and training staff
  • Maintain smoother business operations and allow existing internal IT team to focus on other priorities
  • Achieve flexibility and control by scaling IT resources to adapt to your needs

Our Professional Services team are deeply skilled in many key areas including:

Consider our highly-skilled professionals as an extension of your team. Contact us today to learn more about our On-Demand support services.Contact us today


People + Technology Building Value


Assess - Design - Implement - Manage

Adding Value Through Experience

Sentia have worked with VMware and other virtualization technologies to develop a broad range of expertise that might be of interest to you. Below we provide a short list of real life examples, where our x86 & Virtualization practice have been able to help clients get the most from their investment in virtualization technology.


  • VMware Virtualization Optimization Assessment (VOA) 
  • VMware Desktop Infrastructure Assessment
  • VMware Capacity Planner 
  • Virtual SAN Assessment


  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • VSAN sizing


  • Basic installation and configuration of VMware 
  • Version upgrades and VM Migrations 
  • VSAN and VDI Implementations


  • Veeam
  • Spectrum Protect,
  • Microsoft, and other software integration with VMware


  • On-going monthly monitoring and support of existing virtualized environments 
  • Adhoc VMware support

Sentia Recommends VMware vSphere Optimization Assessments

A Sentia delivered VOA is an easy, yet valuable, health check of your virtual environment.  The assessment is free of charge and it provides you with a comprehensive analysis and report of your virtual environment.  It identifies areas to optimize capacity, minimize risk and improve the overall health of your virtual systems. 

The process is easy and the results are powerful:

  • 1Install vRealize
  • 2Collect Data with vRealize (~5-30 days)
  • 3Receive & review your complimentary report with Sentia
  • 4Identify areas you wish to improve upon, prioritize & take action

    Sentia is an expert advisor providing design and deployment of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. Along with comprehensive, battle-tested experience and cutting-edge technology, we bring a passion for partnering. Our goal is to build high-value systems and services to meet the complex requirements of your business, today and tomorrow.

     With Sentia, you get:

    • Decades of IT design & advisory experience
    • Objective and Consultative subject matter expertise
    • Broadly skilled IT solution architects
    • Passionate, customer focused professionals
    • End to End, Level 1 to Level 3 Support, 24 hours a day/ 365 days a week

    Send us an email at or call us toll free at 1-866-610-8489 to start a conversation. 

    Message from our President:

    “Sentia’s mission is to help as many Canadian businesses as possible to become stronger and more successful as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond." - Chris Charette, President, Sentia