Cloud Storage Made Simpler

Affordable, Secure, High Performing Managed Cloud Object Storage

Leave your hybrid cloud management needs to Sentia while your focus remains on business growth and maintaining a competitive edge. 

Sentia's managed cloud solution offers a flexible, low cost alternative to competitors in the marketplace. 

What you get through Sentia's Managed Cloud solution:

  • No charge for egress
  • No charge for API requests
  • No complex storage tiers
  • No extra charge for support
  • Highly secure and immutable encrypted storage and identity and access management measures in place
  • A 99.99% availability SLA with multiple data centers
  • Highly competitive flat fee that is more than 80% less than leading cloud providers

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People + Technology Building Value


Assess - Design - Implement - Manage

Sentia is an expert advisor providing design and deployment of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. Along with comprehensive, battle-tested experience and cutting-edge technology, we bring a passion for partnering. Our goal is to build high-value systems and services to meet the complex requirements of your business, today and tomorrow.

 With Sentia, you get:

  • Decades of IT design & advisory experience
  • Consultative subject matter expertise
  • Broadly skilled IT solution architects
  • Passionate, customer focused professionals
  • End to End, Level 1 to Level 3 Support, 24 hours a day/ 365 days a week

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Message from our President:

“Sentia’s mission is to help as many Canadian businesses as possible to become stronger and more successful as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond." - Chris Charette, President, Sentia