An Entry-level Solution with Enterprise-grade Capabilities for Under $25,000 CAD. 

IBM StorWive V5030

The IBM Storwize V5030E Flash Starter is a storage system built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize providing enterprise-grade performance and functionality without compromising affordability.  

With next-generation performance and versatility, the Storwize V5030E makes handling mid-range workloads more affordable. Shrink storage needs with inclusive, guaranteed, data reduction and be future-ready with scalability. 

Storwize V5030E Highlights

Turbo boosts efficiency
High-performance data compression and de-duplication

Extreme Scale
Up to 23 PB in a single system, or scale out to 32PB with 2-way clustering

Up to 20% Better Performance
Storage for edge, virtual, and container-based environments

Simplified, 3-year Warranty
Includes international coverage for smooth, cross-border transfers

Eliminates Software Licensing
And maintenance costs with fully inclusive software

Don't miss the opportunity for better performance for less.

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Offer Valid Until September 30th 2019.












Key Product Highlights

  • High-performance flash-array
  • Highly-scalable, flexible, easy-to-use storage
  • 8 x 1.92 TB SSD = 19 TB Effective using DRAID6 based on site unseen 2:1 data reduction guarantee
  • 64 GB Cache (32GB per mode)
  • Includes advanced functions like Easy Tier - FlashCopy, and Remote Mirroring
  • Included Storage Insights SaaS Offering
  • Supports Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud (IBM Cloud and AWS)
  • Supports 2-way clustering for easy scale up and scale out
  • Includes 3-year standard warranty