An Enterprise Grade Solution with an Entry-level Price Tag

IBM StorWive V5030

The IBM FlashSystem 5030 is a storage system built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize providing enterprise-grade performance and functionality without compromising affordability.  

With outstanding performance and versatility, the FlashSystem 5030 makes handling mid-range workloads truly affordable. Shrink storage needs with inclusive guaranteed data reduction, while being ready for the future with scalability. 

IBM FlashSystem 5030

  • Includes 9 x 1.92TB SSD = 20TB Effective DRAID6 based on a 2:1 data reduction guarantee
  • Supports mix of SSD and HDD
  • No charge cache upgrade to 64GB Cache (32GB per node)
  • Includes advanced functions - Easy Tier, FlashCopy, and Remote Mirroring
  • 2 x 10GbE Onboard Ethernet
  • Quick and easy integrated migration
  • Includes Storage Insights Pro 1 YR S&S - AI-Infused SaaS monitoring (Entitled thru Spectrum Control, see link below)
  • Supports Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud (IBM Cloud and AWS)
  • Supports 2-way clustering for easy scale up/scale out
  • Includes 3 year standard warranty

Upgrade before December 31st 2020 and Double Your Cache

What do you get from doubling your cache? 

  • Cache accelerates applications by reducing I/O of a storage array
  • Latency reduction = faster applications, scalability, or both
  • Do more on the same system!

Additional cache supports more data services:

  • Easytier, FlashCopy, Snapshots, HyperSwap & Data Reduction Pool (DRP)
  • Provide better efficiency & data protection

Plus, ask us about our Double the Trade-In Disk Program for both IBM and Non-IBM Products. If you upgrade to IBM storage, your old machines will be picked up and disposed at no additional cost to you - and you will get paid giving us your old equipment!

Don't miss the opportunity for better performance for less. 
Offer extended to December 31st 2020.


More Features

Extreme scale 
up to 23PB in a single system, or scale out to 32PB with 2-way clustering 

Up to 20% better performance 
than the previous generation in mixed workloads 

Highly versatile 
storage for edge, virtual and ‘container-based’ environments 

Simple 3-year warranty 
with international coverage for smooth cross-border transfers 

Eliminates software licensing 
and maintenance costs with fully inclusive software

Sentia can help install, set up and configure your systems to ensure everything is running securely and smoothly.