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Sentia is a proud partner of Huawei (pronounced "Wah-Way") - a leading information and communications technology provider that is bringing their carrier-grade, industry-leading Server, Storage and Networking offerings to the Canadian marketplace.  They are making great things happen in the higher-ed space and we are proud to be a part of it.

In the digital age that we live in, it is easy to get lost in the vast array of technology. What matters most to Canadian colleges and universities is not the specific technology, but rather how well it enhances and invigorates the quality of education being provided to students.

In a hyper-competitive higher-education landscape, it is imperative to have a clear IT strategy that fosters student success resulting in higher enrollments, greater revenues, and ultimately a more competitive business.

Here at Sentia, we understand this and are here to help cut through the complexity to deliver solutions that matter the most to your business’ bottom line. Our slogan “People + Technology Building Value” speaks for itself. Our strength comes from our people. Our team brings decades of experience in designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions for our customers.

Why Partner with Huawei?
Sentia's strategic partnership with Huawei enables us as a team to deliver high-value, best of breed solutions. With Huawei being driven by a commitment to sound operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we can offer an end-end solution to our client.

The Canadian higher education space has taken notice. Huawei was recently chosen as the supplier of a Supercomputing Cluster valued between $5-10M for University of Waterloo's Advanced Computing Research division. The new cluster will provide unprecedented computing power for researchers nationally, including AI, Gemonics and advanced manufacturing.

Huawei Demo Van
Let Huawei come to you! Fully equipped with the latest innovations and technology, Huawei's signature demo van will give you a deeper, hands-on line of sight into the latest networking, storage and server technology. 
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Presence in Canada

Huawei established its Canadian headquarters in 2008, and shortly after, opened the Canada Research Centre in Kanata, Ontario. Huawei has also established offices in Montreal, Regina and Waterloo. Huawei Canada's core businesses include Telecom Network Infrastructure, Consumer Devices, Applications and Software, Professional Services and Enterprise hardware. Huawei Canada works with all major telecommunications carriers in Canada, along with many smaller Local Incumbent Telecom Operators and Wireless Internet Service Providers.

We invite you to learn more about Sentia and Huawei’s partnership.


  • Largest telecommunications manufacturer in the world
  • Number 1 in 4-socket and up space and third largest supplier of server hardware
  • Grew market share by a staggering 139% in 2016*
  • Commitment to 250 new R&D jobs in areas of 5G and other advanced communications research
  • Commitment to invest in a minimum of $500M in direct R&D spending to help position Canada as a leading global technology center

*According to 2016 Gartner report
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