IT Infrastructure Solutions

Whether you need a new turnkey solution, or to integrate components into your existing infrastructure, we have the in-house expertise to work with you to understand your challenges, assess your environment then plan and recommend the right solution to meet your needs.

Clients turn to us for solutions that help align IT and corporate strategies, lower operating and IT budgets, and to respond to changing market and customer demands. Employing the latest advances in technology to improve agility and your competitive edge is integral to your business. We get that.


Powerful trends in IT — like virtualization, cloud computing and mobile — drive essential new technologies in Enterprise IT. Sentia can help you plan, integrate and implement new technologies to fit seamlessly into your environment whether on premise or off.

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Sentia can help you efficiently store, protect and manage your data by working with you to understand your data challenges, assess your current environment then plan and recommend the right solution to meet your business requirements.

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Sentia offers services, software and hardware to assess, design, implement, manage and host (if necessary) a comprehensive data protection environment customized to your business.

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Software is playing an ever increasingly important role through advanced Virtualization platforms, robust systems and network management tools, and the quickly evolving open standard based Software Defined Data Center. Sentia can recommend appropriate software solutions and help you integrate these into your environment.

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