"Working with Sentia got us days, if not weeks, ahead of where I thought we might be..."

- J.Freeman,
World Vision Canada

At Sentia we understand that any outages you experience have a significant impact on your business. Through our 24x7 Support Operations Center (SOC), we employ leading monitoring, management and ticketing systems to ensure that we can deliver enhanced services for your business, regardless of the time of day.

Sentia takes a partnership approach to support services, viewing ourselves an extension of your IT department. We integrate our processes to your business requirements, including change control, ticketing and notification services. And using customer satisfaction surveys, we continually measure ourselves against your expectations to ensure that we are delivering a consistently exceptional service experience.

Sentia provides an alternative approach to managing and supporting your IT assets, through a variety of offerings to meet your IT needs and budget. They include:

Layer 1: 
Our base offering provides guaranteed support services with a predefined service level agreement.

Layer 2: 
In addition to our base offering, this layer includes monitoring services that enable Sentia to proactively identify issues and react, in some cases, to pre-empt outages and shorten the resolution time on problems.

Layer 3:
In addition to our support and monitoring services, Sentia offers managed services whereby we are responsible for the operation of your applications and devices, including routine maintenance, administration, availability and upgrades. Service delivery areas include:

  • 24x7 infrastructure management
  •  Remote monitoring services
  • Administration
  • Diagnostics
  • Reporting
  • Vendor co-ordination
  • Trend-based consulting

When your special needs cannot be met by your IT team, Sentia can fill in to complement your IT staff.

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