"Working with Sentia got us days, if not weeks, ahead of where I thought we might be..."

- J.Freeman,
World Vision Canada

Sentia offers assessments and advisory services for customers on a variety of topics. Our assessment of your IT environment enables us to gain a better understanding of your needs and challenges. From there, we can make fact-based recommendations on ways to improve your IT environment, solve business challenges and help your organization become more competitive.

Sentia takes a business-first approach to technology advisory services.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our recommendations help to solve your business challenges without creating undue complexity and cost. And since Sentia is a full lifecycle service provider, our consultants bring extensive experience in design, implementation, support and optimization, at competitive rates.

Sentia’s assessment services are designed to provide a focused and defined engagement to quickly measure and determine a best course of action for a specific IT challenge.

They include:

Network Assessment

Review existing network and provide recommendations

Server Consolidation Assessment

Review existing server environment and provide recommendations on how virtualization can help reduce costs and improve efficiency                

Storage Consolidation Assessment

Review existing storage architecture and provide recommendations on how storage virtualization can reduce costs, improve availability, and speed up disk provisioning

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Review IT environment to determine whether it's cloud-ready. Are the necessary infrastructure and applications in place to support a cloud environment?

VDI Readiness Assessment

Assess IT environment to determine which areas of the business would benefit from virtualizing the desktop, providing more advanced security and rapid deployment of the desktop experience

Backup and Recovery Assessment

Review backup and recovery environment and make recommendations on how to improve the reliability and efficiency of nightly backups

Offer Advisory Services

A wide range of Advisory Services to meet your business needs

Sentia offers advisory services that will be customized to meet your business needs. We’ll provide advice and roadmaps of solutions that may cross disciplines and require multiple senior consultants to work together on your tailored solution. Our Consulting Engineers use proven methodologies to help you optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments. 

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