"With desktop virtualization being a brand new technology, we had to find a vendor on the forefront. We decided to work with Sentia because of their proven expertise and the fact that they are an IBM Premier Partner."

- Jeff Smith,
IT Management,
Airbus Canada

Server and storage systems are the building blocks of your IT foundation.

Over the past few years, the exponential growth in data has led many companies to add storage systems to respond to demand, without fully integrating them into the existing IT environment. In addition, the continued adoption of server virtualization has resulted in physical servers housing an increasing number of virtual images, raising concerns over the ability to perform systems maintenance and the impact of a server outage.

Your data center is the systems heart of your organization, and its health depends on an optimized structure with all pathways working together to achieve peak efficiency, availability and performance.  

Strategically deployed server and storage virtualization solutions offer the opportunity to  simplify IT infrastructure and management, and improve data and system availability. The key is identifying how and where virtualization and advanced storage solutions can benefit your organization. 

How Sentia can help you get the most out of your data center infrastructure

Sentia's team of industry experts can work with you to assess your data center challenges and opportunities. We'll help you meet your company's current and future system demands through a solution that draws from a wide range of high-performance, scalable server and storage solutions. The benefits to your organization include:

  • Enhanced system performance
  • Optimized system efficiency
  • Improved 24/7 data and system availability
  • Ability to capitalize on new technologies and emerging IT trends
  • Improved system manageability
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Minimized risk
  • Reduced overall IT costs
  • Improved client service

Tune-ups or complete overhauls

Our infrastructure experts work with you to optimize your existing infrastructure through identifying critical areas for improvement, or to revolutionize your computing environment through implementing a completely new approach using cutting edge hardware and software. Your solution is tailored to your budget and your needs, and may include:

  • Advanced server and storage systems
  • Virtualization
  • Consolidated disk and tape systems
  • Storage networking
  • Complete disaster recovery strategies

Assessments and recommendations

We begin with a complete evaluation of your current IT infrastructure. We then recommend improvements incorporating existing components and new hardware, software, management processes and tools.