The Age of Autonomous Breach Protection

Go beyond the endpoint for a full data protection solution.

It is no secret that Cyber threats continue to soar as hackers become more sophisticated in targeting organizations with network, endpoint, and user-based attacks. The full, complete protection from these threats can require the deployment and implementation of multiple securtiy products that must be managed by a quallified team of experts.

Enter Automonous Breach Protection

Cynet 360 is a new and emerging solution to an all-encompassing breach protection solution. This platform integrates endpoint, network and user prevention and detection capabilities with cross-layered extended detection and response (XDR). It provides automated investigation and remediation, backed up by 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) services. This model places end to end breach protection within the reach of any organization.

Key Value and Benefits of Cynet 360

  • Full coverage from endpoint, user, and network- based attacks in a single solution 
  • Zero touch protection from common and advanced threats
  • Full protection both on-prem and cloud workloads
  • Rapid time to value with full environment coverage in minutes
  • Enhanced security skill set of top-level security analysts
  • Radically reduce time invested in deployment and management
  • Save on costs that would otherwise be spent on NGAV, EDR, and UEBA
  • Consolidate protection against all commodity and advnaced threats in a single platform
  • Empower your team with the ability to provide rapid response to incidents with XDR

Will XDR work for your organization? Here are some indictators of a good fit:

Your business is:

  • Looking to enhance their security stack with advanced breach protection.
  • Looking to boost endpoint security beyond AV.
  • Considering an EPP upgrade or EDR replacement.
  • Seeking to increase their visibility into activity on the enterprise.
  • Needing to complement gaps in existing security product toolset.
  • Feeling compliance pressure: under regulations that mandate security standards.
  • Interested in improving the overall security posture as they were recently breached

If any or all of these factors fit within your business' current IT environment, you may want to consider learning more about the solution and leveraging a complementary demo of the platform.

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 Why Cynet?

  • Gartner-recognized, industry leader in cyber resiliency autonomous breach protection with 5-star ranking attained in 2020
  • Introduced the first ever autonomous breach protection platform
  • Trusted by leading global organizations

 Why Sentia?

  • Objective and consultative subject matter expertise. 
  • Broadly-skilled IT solution architects   
  • End to End support, 24/7, 365 days a year 

Webinar Replay: Taking the Complexity Out of Cyber Security (02/17/2021)

Message from our President:

“Sentia’s mission is to help as many Canadian businesses as possible become stronger and more resilient as we navigate this global  pandemic”.  
- Chris Charette, President, Sentia