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Minimize the Pain and Complexity of IT 

Sentia's technology experts leverage industry-leading solutions and a best practices approach to deliver ongoing value. From comprehensive business and IT assessment to solution design, development and ongoing management.

IT Solutions Sentia Can Offer You



Keeping up with the rapid pace of technology.

Today’s modern virtualization enables greater agility and flexibility with desktop and application virtualization at the forefront. We live in a software-defined reality where all elements of your infrastructure (network, storage, CPU, security) can be virtualized and delivered as a service. Our practical experience in traditional and advanced virtualization techniques will help you maximize the potential of your IT architecture. 

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Optimized solutions to protect the integrity of your data.

Your corporate data can be likened to water - a basic, critical element to your survival, always changing and constantly requiring protection. Modern business continuity solutions give you the opportunity to protect, optimize, secure and reuse your data to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Our professionals can assess your current strategy, identify any gaps and collaborate with you to design a customized advanced data protection strategy.

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Simplified, optimized and affordable network security.

As the world continues to evolve, the need to safeguard your business’ network has never been more important. The management, security and monitoring of your network along with increased compliance requirements only add to the complexity. Our network and security practice has the experience and expertise to consultatively assess, design, and manage your network across a broad spectrum of solutions, including 2FA/MFA, enterprise network security, SD-WAN.

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Hybrid IT

Getting the best of both worlds

In a cloud-centric world, we are committed to helping businesses evolve their IT architecture to meet the changing demands of the industry. With the Hybrid IT model, organizations can leverage help from an external cloud provider while still having control over on-prem resources. This model allows for the greatest degree of cost-effectiveness and flexibility. From customized assessments and consulting, we can work with you to determine which how your hybrid model should be customized to your business needs and remain secure and available 24/7.

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Cyber Security

Threat Intelligence Made Simpler

Cyber security continues to be a top priority for organizations, keeping business leaders up at night. The impact of a security breach can be detrimental, especially in a time of rampant digital transformation. A comprehensive, proactive security strategy is critical to protecting your business. From understanding potential threats to ensuring the proper tools and processes are in place to safeguard your business, we are committed to helping clients keep their valuable data protected. 

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Get the most out of your FINTECH investment.

Outsourcing aspects of your FINTECH will allow your company to focus on core business functions while leaving non-core tasks to our experts. It also presents oppourtunities for financial institutions to access specialized expertise, scale operations more efficiently, and focus on the core competencies of the business.

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People + Technology Building Value


Assess - Design - Implement - Manage

Why Outsource your IT SOLUTIONS

A predictable and budgetable model with a consistent monthly fee so you know what your IT costs are going to be.
Benefit from a dedicated support team to manage your day-to-day administration and problem resolution; on call 24/7.

What Sentia Will Offer You

Remote Management
and Monitoring

We'll monitor the performance of your business' IT systems, from workstation and servers to firewalls and printers, responding to any issues that may arise - quickly and efficiently.

and Onsite Support


Our support services team are available to answer any questions or concerns you have. We offer a 60 minute guaranteed SLA. We'll monitor your systems 24/7. If a server goes down in the middle of the night, we are on it.

Resource Reporting
and Trends Analysis


We'll monitor your workstation and server resources, report monthly on utilization, using this data and other factors to guage when and if a device upgrade is warranted.

Disaster Recovery
as a Service (DRaaS)


In the event of a disaster, we will ensure your critical data are backed up and protected so that you can recover quickly and efficiently.

Managed End-point


Have confidence that your business is well-protected from external threats. Enjoy low-cost, managed anti-virus services and file backup solutions.



Know your systems are well taken care of with regular firmware updates, security patches, and the latest software version.

Simplified Pricing

Per-device pricing and the ability to quote in minutes.


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