The Importance of Patch Management

Unpatched systems are one of the easiest attack points for criminals looking to gain access to corporate networks. New system vulnerabilities are being discovered daily and companies are constantly issuing patches to deal with them. If those patches are not applied, cyber criminals have an easy entry point into your network.  

Patch management also ensures that your enterprise systems keep working as they should. Application of all necessary patches helps ensure that any potential problem can be resolved quickly before it affects your business. 

Failure to effectively manage the patching of systems can also lead to:

  • Failure to have supported systems 
  • Inability to keep up with regulatory standards
  • Failure to upgrade the existing software and applications to improve the system security
  • Inability to protect systems from malware, DDoS attacks and hacktivism

 Why Outsource Your Patch Management Needs?

For many companies, the reason behind their inability to properly patch vulnerabilities is the simple fact that it’s difficult and time consuming. Outsourcing patch management to a company that is singularly focused on ensuring systems are patched at the appropriate level can relieve IT teams of the burden altogether. Sentia has the team to test and install all system patches in your IT environment.


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