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Sentia’s technology experts leverage industry-leading solutions and a best practices approach to deliver ongoing value. From comprehensive business and IT assessment to solution design, deployment and ongoing management.


Data Storage & Protection

Chances are your business is struggling to manage growing amounts of data created by traditional and new workloads.

How do you cost-effectively store this valuable asset? And what about safeguarding your data in the face of rising security threats?

We can answer these questions and share some great ideas on how an advanced data protection solution will help you achieve a competitive edge, securely manage data growth, and gain actionable insights – all without breaking the bank.

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Servers & Converged

Virtualization, the cloud and hyperconvergence are just a few of the trends driving new enterprise technologies. 

With increasing costs, complexity and user demands, managing the modern server environment has become more challenging than ever. 

Sentia’s experts are ready to plan, integrate and implement cost-effective, high efficiency server technologies in your on or off premise environment.

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Network & Security

Network security has never been more important. Safeguard your business while saving time, resources and money by leveraging Sentia’s fully managed solution with built in security. We provide:

  • Consulting and design services for mobility and BYOD, data centre, enterprise, security, disaster recovery architecture, and backup & recovery 
  • Incident escalation and remediation, forensics, traffic re-routing, failover-failback, and data migration
  • Capacity planning, automatic resource providing and scaling
  • Security reports (events, traffic, users, posture, compliance)

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Client Devices

The rapid growth of client devices in the workplace – such as tablets, smartphones and laptops – is driving greater employee productivity, yet a lost or compromised device can pose a serious threat to your business.

Which client devices are right for your business? And how do you make data available to your workforce across multiple platforms and devices while maintaining security?

Sentia provides a wide variety of client devices to suit your environment. We also offer guidance and thought leadership on mobile device management and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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