Proof-of-Technology Lab 

Test solutions without the cost and risks.

"Working with Sentia got us days, if not weeks, ahead of where I thought we might be..."

- J.Freeman,
World Vision Canada

All too often, time and money is invested in IT Projects that either don’t deliver the proposed benefits or that do not meet the technical expectations.

The Sentia Proof-of-Technology Lab service will help demonstrate a solution without the large-scale implementation pitfalls. The Sentia Proof-of-Technology Service limits your financial investment in technology and minimizes technical risk. The service will result in the construction of a functional environment where you can allow a limited group of users to assess the features, functionality, and feasibility of a solution as if it was a live environment. Once the Proof-of-Technology trial is completed, our technical experts will provide you with recommendations based on their implementation experience and best practices.

You will be able to visualise the full potential of testing solutions without actually undertaking a full implementation, and gain peace of mind that they will perform to your specifications, be cost-effective and carry minimal risk.

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