No matter what industry, businesses today are struggling to manage the storage of growing amounts of data created by both traditional and new workloads. Businesses with an optimized storage infrastructure will be able to gain deeper insights from this data and will have a competitive advantage.

Sentia can propose advanced data storage solutions to help your business manage more efficiently its data storage and maximize capacity while reducing costs. Additionally, our data protection offerings ensure that information is kept safe and secure in the face of rising data breach threats.

Advanced data storage solutions from Sentia can help you gain a competitive edge, enable your data Center’s capabilities to manage data growth, protect its data and gain actionable insights.

Data Center and Virtualization

Your Data Center is the systems heart of your organization, and its health depends on an optimized structure with all pathways working together to achieve peak efficiency, availability and performance. Sentia's team can work with you to assess your Data Center challenges and opportunities.

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Data Center and Security

Managing data while protecting our customer's business-critical information is a top priority for Sentia. We can provide Innovative, scalable storage solutions to meet the challenging demands of your business.

Data Protection

Sentia offers services, software and hardware to assess, design, implement, manage and host (if necessary) a comprehensive data protection environment customized to your business.

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Performance Optimization

As data continues to grow, it’s important to optimize data storage efficiency to address both performance andcapacity without impacting availability in a cost effective way. Sentia can help you to do more with what you have.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a critical component of IT virtualization. It is also one of the foundation elements for effective cloud deployment and software defined infrastructures. Sentia offers services to provide the right solution to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Storage Reduction

Data reduction is a process of minimizing the amount of data to be stored in a data storage environment. This can increase storage efficiency and reduce costs. Sentia can assess the best technology to address the challenges in your IT environment.

Your business needs may require one or many of the following solutions that Sentia’s experts can assist you with:

Back up and recovery   Business Continuity Data Deduplication
Data Encryption Flash Optimization  Compression
Virtualization Data Snapshots   Auto-tiering     
Thin provisioning Analytics Consolidation
Cloud Storage    

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"We had initially worked with Sentia to develop a storage roadmap, independent of the technology behind it. When it came time to select a technology partner, we felt very comfortable with Sentia."

J.Freeman, World Vision Canada