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Digital Transformation, IoT Explosion and Enterprise Security Challenges

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Digital Transformation, IoT Explosion and Enterprise Security Challenges
In my last blog post, I talked about digital transformation and how CIOs are preparing to support this explosion of internet connected devices. The security around these devices is creating a massive challenge.

The key technologies that are facilitating this digital transformation are the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and more pervasive networking. The Internet of Things is creating countless new streams of data in ways that were never before possible. It’s also providing access to data coming from a plethora of devices to be quantified and analyzed thus enabling organizations to use new ways to do business. However, this access to data also creates serious new security risks in the process for which few are prepared.

THE IoT Security Challenge

Digital transformation is accelerating changes in business faster than expected for which security organizations are not prepared. Traditionally, the IT ecosystem is comprised of siloed security devices that defend the network. However, the new reality is pervasive inter-connectivity between devices, users and distributed networks. IT Staff are now faced with current security defenses and traditional best practices not being as effective in addressing IoT challenges. 

IoT devices that are transforming every corner of our lives at home, the office, city streets and beyond are providing insights into resource consumption habits, streamlining business processes and connecting us better to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives. However, most of these IoT devices were not designed with security in mind. They don’t have a traditional operating system or even the memory and processing power required to build in security or install a security client.

You may not have thought about the security challenge created by all these devices and may only be familiar with some of them as they pop-up in the marketplace every day now. But just imagine how much data these connected devices are capturing and sharing in order to make semi-autonomous or autonomous decisions. This is the growth sector fueled by new productivity tools enhacing every facet of our lives and changing the ways we communicate, do transactional business, and play.

Many of the security challenges surrounding digital transformation and the adoption of IoT and cloud are new and must be better managed with an improved security framework. 

To find out more about the emerging trends around IoT and their potential risks from a security perspective, have a look at this white paper from our partners at Fortinet:

I found this paper to be very insightful as it provides a look into the future that is happening right now.

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