Posted: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Staying Secure As the Remote Workforce is Here to Stay

Staying Secure As the Remote Workforce is Here to Stay

How to ensure your systems are protected as the hybrid model becomes the norm.

By : Sentia

The world is slowly beginning to reopen, and organizations are making decisions on what the post-pandemic workplace looks like. As many organizations look to bring their staff back into the office, others will opt for hybrid models or stick with full-time remote teams. Currently, millions of employees in Canada work from home full time with no end in sight, and many employees wish to continue working remotely once the pandemic ends

Peculiarly, the language used by senior management in quarterly earnings calls with investors and analysts placed the remote work discussion central in the public companies' earnings calls in 2021. This discussion was perceptibly limited in the years before 2020, and it is not a stretch to say that modern history will reference the year as a turning point. Many CEOs now view remote work in a favorable light, a sign that it is here to stay. Some companies that have announced they will allow, encourage, or require employees to work from home permanently include Shopify, Twitter, Facebook, Square, Coinbase, Upwork, AWeber, Otis, and Amazon.

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