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From Surviving to Thriving: How to Successfully Navigate Through a Crisis

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From Surviving to Thriving: How to Successfully Navigate Through a Crisis

The ‘new normal’ is more than a catchphrase at this point. It's a whole new way of life. And the reality is that we really don’t know exactly how our businesses will be affected long-term. However, one thing we can predict is that staying flexible using scalable solutions and creating a solid online presence are two things that will help businesses navigate the current crisis and come out on the other side, stronger and more resilient.

The Digital Space - Plan and Pivot

What does your online presence look like? Were you caught short by the sudden onset of closures? Did the switch to remote working have you scrambling to keep up some semblance of productivity?

The key is to stop for a moment and give yourself a chance to plan and pivot.

This helps businesses create a reliable strategy that will ensure business longevity, and not just shore it up from one crisis to the next. 

What you need to focus on:

  • Assess the infrastructure you have in place
  • Decide on your core products/services moving forward
  • Determine what areas you need to invest in

Website – is your company site user friendly? Does it have clear calls to action and display your brand and values? Without the benefits of bricks and mortar premises, your website is your flagship and where a lot of your customers and prospects will flock to, so use it to your advantage.

Social Media – more people are tuning into social media, utilizing the opportunity for you to connect. Don’t overwhelm your followers with too much information but provide value and help solve their challenges with solutions. Offer discounts to help customers with tight budgets, online consultations, or home deliveries. Make sure to open up any conversations with a consulative approach and not a sales pitch.

Own your area of expertise with out-of-the-box thinking that gives your customers important value adds during the crisis and beyond. Customers develop brand loyalty towards businesses that are supportive and a positive force in the community.

Adaptable – the situation is changing continuously in our communities and its important to follow updates and respond empathetically and responsibly. Marketing or online content that is relevant today may not be suitable tomorrow. Be prepared to modify actions and messaging to fit with your local as well as federal directives. 

It’s also smart business to keep an eye on your competitor’s online offerings and find ways to fill the gaps where customers are not being served. It's business as usual – except everyone is jostling online, being seen, and valued by your customers will give you the competitive edge.

Scalable Infrastructure Gives your Business the Flexibility You Need

Instead of undertaking the expense of additional infrastructure and personnel in uncertain times, outsource key functionality to an experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP) who will essentially become an extension of your team and be able to help with the management areas like:

• Data backups.

• Across network security.

• Network administration

• General IT maintenance and support


Let’s take a more in depth at how businesses can benefit:

Decrease operational costs
Your costs become more predictable with managed services. You pay via an agreed monthly amount just for the services you need. Reduce expenditure spikes with maintenance and upgrades, while still having access to the most up-to date professionals, software, and hardware. 

Scale to your needs
Simply pay for the resources that you need. By outsourcing IT functionality, you don’t need an on-premises team to maintain 24-hour support or the expense of sourcing and training specialized personnel. It’s all managed for you. MSP’s allow you to expand to meet the demands of a busy period or special event and contract again as demand tapers off. 

Reduce downtime
Productivity can grind to a halt when your business experiences issues with equipment. Servers may fail, and software can malfunction, but your risk is significantly reduced when using an MSP as a safeguard for your critical systems. 

Professional expertise 24/7
Your MSP always has a team of experts available to monitor, manage and maintain your systems. They upskill as new technologies are introduced, and you benefit from access to their precise skills without having the expense of sourcing and training the right professionals.

Adjust your IT focus
With the more repetitive and mundane (yet crucial) tasks managed by an MSP, it frees your IT team up to focus on planning innovative projects to help your business grow.

The latest technology
If you try to keep up with the latest in technology, it can be an expensive undertaking. MSP’s use the latest technology and absorb the costs into their operation making it available for the business operations they manage. 

To find out more about managed services and the refined value it can bring your organization in a post-pandemic era, download a copy of our whitepaper: Managed Services and the Outsourced Economy

In conclusion, as communities and businesses open further, and the crisis recedes, utilizing virtual spaces, online opportunities and MSP’s will remain crucial to long-term success. With the marketplace forever changed, it is necessary to be flexible and embrace the 'new' and use it intelligently to thrive.

At Sentia, we have the experts to help you develop the systems and strategies that you need to revitalize your business.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are in this with you.

Stay safe.




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