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Top Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for in 2024

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Top Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for in 2024

As we mark the end of cybersecurity awareness month, let's take a look at some of the cybersecurity trends we will see on the rise in 2024:

1.AI and Machine Learning in Security

The use of AI and machine learning for both defensive and offensive cybersecurity measures is likely to continue to evolve. AI-driven attacks and defenses will likely become more sophisticated.

2. Zero Trust Architecture

The adoption of a zero-trust security model is expected to increase, where no entity, internal or external, is trusted by default. This concept of continuously authenticating adds a thicker layer of security.

3. Extended Detection and Response

 XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, takes a hollistic approach to threat detection. This unified and proactive approach provides complete visibility across the IT landscape covering the network, cloud, endpoints and email security domains.

4. Cloud and IoT Security

As hybrid IT becomes the norm for more businesses, ensuring the security of cloud-based systems and will remain a critical focus. Secure configurations, data protection, and access controls will be paramount. Also With the increasing proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, security vulnerabilities within these networks might become a more significant concern. Securing these devices and networks will be crucial.

5. Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication strives to eliminate passwords and their value to would-be attackers. Moving forward with this approach requires technologies that can support it, as well as time for organizations and their employees to adopt these technologies. As a result, biometric authentication methods like facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and others will continue to grow in popularity. 

"Hackers log in, they don't break in, proving your identity is the thing you really have to spend the most amount of time on. It turns out, changing it to 2FA (two-factor authentication) everywhere was a bad way to go, and eliminating passwords is an awesome way to go.”
- Bret Arsenault, CVP & CISO, Microsoft (Business Insider)


6. Regulatory Compliance

The landscape of regulations and compliance standards will continue to evolve and companies will need to adapt and comply with new and changing regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, or other regional data protection laws. Keep in mind that compliance typically involves implementing security measures, conducting audits, and providing evidence that security protocols and practices are in place and being followed. Non-compliance can result in legal consequences, financial penalties, damage to reputation, and increased vulnerability to security breaches.

7. Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Bridging the gap between the growing demand for cybersecurity profressionals and the short supply available will be a critical point to address into next year. Training and educationg a skilled workforce will be critical for organizations - whether it means training internal staff or partnering with leading security vendors to help fill those resoure gaps.

8. Cyber Insurance and Risk Management

 As cyber threats evolve, the importance of cyber insurance will likely increase. Organizations will seek ways to mitigate potential financial losses from cyber attacks.

The cybersecurity landscape is continuously changing, and new threats and trends will emerge over time. The best leverage for any organization is to stay well informed of the latest threat vectors so they can plan and prepare accordingly. If you'd like assistance with developing your cyber resiliency roadmap for 2024, contact us today to get a conversation started. 



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