Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today's Storage Management Challenges

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The data that enterprises are acquiring, managing, and storing is growing exponentially mainly due to unstructured data – emails, spreadsheets, text, graphics, video, audio – to ensure compliance, improve productivity, and create new revenue. These data streams are exploding at an estimated annual growth rate of 80 percent as per Gartner’s IT Market Clock for Storage from 2011. IDC also expects the amount of storage capacity deployed to store the explosion of new content will increase sixfold in the next three years (stated in 2012), exacerbating the challenges around data management, protection, and preservation.

The explosion of data requires a forward-thinking strategy backed up by a solid storage management plan. IT Departments often find that they lack the skills needed to create this strategy and deply the necessary tools, and that stagnant or lower IT budgets only further compound the problem.

More data means more storage, right?

Not anymore. Simply adding more hardware to handle storage requirements is only a stopgap measure, and is costly in more ways than one. The detrimental consequences of such an approach includes inefficient use of diverse storage assets that can't be easily reallocated to meet changing needs in addition to inconsistent data management practices that can expose organizations to data loss or misuse.

That’s why it’s time to think differently about data storage and management.
Smarter storage must be efficient by design, self-optimizing, and cloud agile. It must be feature-rich and flexible enough to handle your current needs, and scalable enough to meet future requirements.

Creating and deploying a well-structured storage management infrastructure is the best way to overcome today’s challenges. When using best practices, storage management modules will be able to monitor information and its usage patterns efficiently. This will result in a simplified administration and automation of the entire storage architecture.

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